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we are an Orlando Florida Website Design company, and we offer Graphic Design, Domain Names, Hosting, and Organic Search Engine Optimization. WebSkinz develops websites from scratch, customizing your design to fit your business at an affordable price with 'interest free payment plans'.

We are an Apopka Chamber member

We are an Apopka Chamber member, and we give Discounts to other Apopka Chamber members.

A website is up and running 24/7 and generates work even when you're asleep! How much are you spending on advertising and not seeing any results?!?! You can update a website at any time, unlike an advertisement put in a magazine, yellow pages, commercial, etc.. With the right Search Engine Optimization your business will be found and you will see results!

Webskinz wants our clients to KNOW what is happening every step of the way... 9 out of 10 times we get the job because we go the extra mile for our clients.

Domain Name & Hosting

florida crystal glaze
Florida Crystal Glaze can fix cracks, holes, chips, ceramic tile hot tubs, and whirlpool spas. They neededa wesbite and came to us. Do you want a website? If so you need to purchase a website name. For more info on how to purchase a website name (Domain name), or purchase server space to host your files for your website read more...


We have many clients that want to take charge of their own website, but are unsure of how to, and we have been tutoring them on Photoshop and Dreamweaver. We can come to your house or meet at a designated place that has WiFi, contact us...

Intermediate Computer Graphic Design Class

UCF Intermediate Computer Graphic Design Class

Web Design

Central Florida Women's Learning Center
Central Florida Women's Learning Center a non-profit organization that offers training to disadvantaged women in our community. Our goal is provide the necessary training to prepare women to enter and succeed in corporate America. read more...

Having Problems with your Web Guy?

We’ve heard it way too many times…. Your web guy has fled the country and you can’t get a hold of him and need your website updated read more...

Email Spamming?

We have a way to Encode your Email, and Hide your email on the internet from Spammers, Check it out...

7 SEO Red Flags

if the company you're doing SEO with are saying or doing these things beware...

Paypal, also known as E-Commerce can easily be implemented into your website so you can sell products. This is one of the main reasons why most of our clients contact us! They want to be found on the Internet from people using search Engines like Google or Yahoo, and then to sell their product with PayPal Sign up now...

Movie Poster Designs

Rockabilly Zombie Weekend Rockabilly Zombie Weekend WoW!! We don't just make graphics for Web Sites anymore. We did a Movie Poster! Our client needed some promo Posters made for funding the movie; this is 1 of 3 Read more...

Web Publishing 1 Class

Seminole State College Course - Web Publishing 1

Desktop & Mobile Design

FL Rewards
FLrewards  Florida homeowners sweepstakes to win a John Deere tractor. View the website on a desktop computer or laptop, and when you view it on a mobile device the website was built for the mobile size too. Do you need a Mobile design of your web site read more...


Hair Styling by Kat Chase
Hair By Kat Chase  Orlando's best Balayage Ombré hairstylist residing at Educe Salon located in the trendy Mills/50 District of Central Florida. Kat offers a full range of haircut designs, Balayage Ombré and color techniques to meet any guests desires. Do you need a ReDesign of your web site read more...

Organic SEO
(Search Engne Optimization)

dominic dipaolo studios Wedding photography
Dipaolo Studios asked us to Optimize their web site for the search engines. Do you want your web site at the top of Google.com when a user searches for your service or product? We use our vast knowledge of HTML and CSS to help your site get found by the Search Engines Organically Read more...

Book Cover Designs

109 Ways to Survive the New baby109 Ways: to Survive the New Baby our client Word Of Mouth Editing, asked us to design 3 book covers Read more...

Branding Corporate Identity

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