Design For Business Class - DESIGN265

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Projects: instructions Template Due
1. Logo (300 DPI)     1b
2 Summer Picnic Flier (8.5x11")     2a
3. Summer Picnic Flier (Email, Facebook invite)     2b
4. Cover Letter (Word)     3a
4. Newsletter (inDesign : 17"x11" folded in half)     3a
5. Trifold Brochure (inDesign : 17"x11" folded in half)     3b
6. Infographic (300 DPI)     4b
  Final: Cover Letter / Letterhead / Envelope / Business Card      

Presentation: Convention Booth Setup



Information & video about Logos:

Typographic logos: 34 eye-catching examples:

40 Brilliant Type-Only Logo Designs:

Inspirational Designs


1) Balance your presentation:
Design - not only function
Story - not only argument
Symphony - not only focus
Empathy - not only logic
Play - not only seriousness
Meaning - not only accumulation

2) Create your presentation in three parts:
Slides the audience will see
Notes that only you will see
Handout to be taken away

3) Good design based on four principles:

4) Strive for Kanso, Shizen and Shibumi
Kanso (Simplicity)
Shizen (Naturalness)
Shimbumi (Elegance)

The Brixman Technologies Company is celebrating their new Time Travel Device

They have come up with a Time Travel Device but...
1.) need a small compact unit which will store the device
2.) And a name for the Device which will have the letter 'Z' in the name

The Brixman Technologies Summer Picnic Flier
1.) Legal paper 8.5x11" (for in office posting)
2.) Email Flier (use (html mailer))
3.) Facebook invite (social media presence)

- The Brixman Technologies Company is hosting a summer picnic in the park for employees.
- Create a 'corporate identity' including logo for Brixman Technologies ( computers, business machines, mobile phones and ipads, -your choice )
- Reflect this corporate cultural identity in a Summer Picnic invitation.
- Graphically combine the imagery of technology with the fun element of a summer picnic ( Make it SyFy and fun so employees would like to attend with their families).
- Legal paper 8.5x11" format in full color.
- Come up with the :

  1. Theme (brand the event to make it fun and special)
  2. Date
  3. Location
  4. Time
  5. Crazy menu/food items (popcorn machine, cottom candy, chocate fountain? etc...)
  6. Plan fun appealing activities that suit your audience (maybe incorporate instagram for taking pics of the event and sharing?)
  7. Entertainer
  8. Prize / Raffle

Logo / Flier






Facebook invite & Email blast


The Brixman Technologies Newsletter

This particular newsletter will be on a topic of the Time Travel device being developed by the company and how it's 'safe', and that nothing bad has happened since developing it, which may very well not be the case.

This newsletter is to maybe give untruths to the employees about the brilliant new device.

I will also be asking you to include one or two corporate documents within the design.

- 11x17" folded into 8.5x11" (4 pages, cover, back, spread)
- Must have a Header and Footer – Include Date, Volume, and Editor Name
- Text: make stuff up for headlines and begining text, then you can use Lorum Ipsom to fill in extra areas
- 2 Columns
- 2 graphics per page

Cover Letter, Business card, envelope






TriFold for Convention Booth



Presentation Convention Booth

 for attendance