Design for Mobile APPs Class - GRAPH410

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Projects Examples Word Document image Due Date
1. Wireframe sketches for Website APP N/A N/A N/A Week 1b
2. Make website APP pages N/A N/A N/A Week 2b
3. Wireframe sketches for APP pages N/A N/A N/A Week 3b
4. Make APP N/A N/A N/A Week 5a

Sketch Template

An APP doesn't need marketing if it's good and cheap! How do you make money then?

- Tips for naming your mobile app or game:
- Information & video about Logos:

Master pages plus Navigation in Muse for 'Scene' APP



'Scene' APP:

Helpful Link: How I Overcame Problems in Muse

Helpful Videos:


change Hyperlink text color:

Comment box:



Redirect from the desktop website version to the mobile website version on your phone :

iPhone 5 Template Download

Best iOS icons:


Rapid Prototype software:, or

Selling Tips
- Create an APP screen like the pros:
- Writing A Great App Store Description — Tips & Examples:
- The Colors Of An App Icon:
- Side Project to Startup (a 3 year journey):

Build your app for realz:
Adobe Gap Builder Tutorials


- Mobile hamburger menu drop down animated:
Download of menu to put in Muse
Example: I used it to make a menu for a website

- Messing with codes in Muse. Muse has coding? No, but you can add code as an object to push your designs as functionality. Although this tutorial shows you how to create a sliding left to right menu it also shows you how to find the code you are looking for in Muse in a website browser:
Here is a download for the sliding menu for Muse: Muse Clouds

1. Preview your page in Google Chrome (File > Preview Page in Browser)
2. Open the Developer tools (View > Developer > Developer tools)
3. Click on the “Magnifying lens” tool at the bottom.
4. Click on the menu element of your page.
5. Get the “id” (#) of the element.


Edge Animate Banner 'Cinematic Trailer':


Chapter : Concepts, personaes, Mind Map,
Designing an App:
Matthew Pummel talks about making Apps "iPhone vs Android"
This website shows how to use the Tinder App:
Watch funny clips about a popular App
What size is the screen to make the design??????

Check out the Project Overview of this APP called Spinute

Wire Frame/Sketches, Start getting familair with Codiqa
You tube tutorials for Codiqa:

Standard icons for Apps

Standard icons for Apps

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