Advanced Digital Imaging Class - Design260

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- You'll need to print & mount 3 of your best pieces for this class

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FrEE IMAGES for your client's website:
Choose the Creative Commons criteria at the bottom of the Advanced search screen. Students should be able to cite the source as a hyperlink to give credit.
ECBARF - Design rules!!!!!!! - Check out designs from teachers and students from IADT.
Creating Exciting And Unusual Visual Hierarchies

See Adobe products make AVATAR:

See Adobe Fotoshop funny:

Examples: Movie Poster | DVD Covers | Mulitiplicty | Magazine | Logo | Websites

Projects: Checklist Examples Word Document image Due Date
1. Create a Brush Scene N/A brush.doc N/A Week 1b
2. Color Comic N/A comic.doc comic.jpg Week 2a
3. Multiplicty Piece examples multi.doc N/A Week 3a
4. Research Artist Design Link paper.doc MLA Format.doc Week 4a
5. Movie Poster (Font: Steeltongs) examples & examples movie.doc movie.psd Week 4a
5. Magazine examples Download Download Week 5a
7. Surrealistic Piece from Research Artist Link & Watch (start 10min) surrealistic.doc N/A Week 5b

Week 1a:
- Guitar Trails (FX, Path panel) (psd)
- Kid Shadow weights (Layer mask, transform) (psd)
- Skateboard vector look with chanell help (gradient, channel, filters) (psd)
- Metallic pipe (Lighting Effects) (web page)
- Make a Brush and create a scene with it (polygonal tool, edit fill, edit > define brush preset)
- Take pictures for Multi piece, do research on Artist for paper
Week 1b:
- Rain (filters, color blend modes) (jpg)
- Lightning (filters, color blend modes) (jpg)
- Star Field (filters, adjustments) -
- Color Comic artwork Download
- Finish Color Comic
- Take pictures for Multi piece
- work on Artist's paper
Week 2a:
- Displacement Map (filter, color blend modes) (psd)
- Sam Multiplicity piece (Layer mask)
- Actions (use images from teacher inclass)
- Desktop Car (psd)
- Page curl (psd)
- Multiplcity Piece
- work on Artist's paper

Week 2b:
- color comic
- Painting mixer chapter (from intro book)
- Water Color Newsprint piece (website link, links for artwork to make piece: Water Color Brushes, paper texture, Man, Newspaper)
- Photo to Cartoon (zip)
Homework: Color Comic, work on Artist's paper

How to Make Obama's HOPE POSTER using your own Face.

Week 3a:
- Mid Term - incorporating many techniques learned in class
- Movie poster IADT tutorial & template
- Sanford-Brown Poster (Green Screen Room get camera:
- Hair Selections (mask edge redefine) (video)
- Digital Face Painting (zip)
- Aging a photo (psd)
: Movie Poster Week 3b:
- water drops (zip)
- Vanishing Point (jpg)
- Phone Vector Poster (psd)
- BOOST Turbo Logo (PDF) use your own bold font, here is the snail image
- for logos:
- Cool Inner Glow tricks:
- Emboss tricks:
Homework: Magazine
Week 4a:
- Puppet Warp (from book, online video)
- 3D-Play (PDF)
- Make a Planet -
- Make a book from a image (inclass tutorial from Down & Dirty Tricks book)
Homework: Surrealist Piece

Week 4b:
- Color a Black & white photo (video) here is the image
- Headphone Blowout (psd)
- A (jpg)
- Perfume bottle (psd)
- Miniature City (jpg) - Tilt Shift Effect (Brianstorm images, example )
- Seperate Ways (zip of psd)
Week 5a:
- work on Final projectWeek 5b:
- Final - incorporating many techniques learned in class
extra tutorials:
- Head in a Bottle joke:
- Glass Ball - download picture for tutorial
- woodcut style (right click, "save target as...") There are 8 Layers in the psd, remove the eye on layer 1 to see layer 2, and so on...
- cubic pipe (right click, "save target as...")
- light cube (right click, "save target as...")
- Things in Orbs:
- make a cool webste:
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