Digital Imaging Class - Design160

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FrEE IMAGES for your client's website:
Choose the Creative Commons criteria at the bottom of the Advanced search screen. Students should be able to cite the source as a hyperlink to give credit.
ECBARF - Design rules!!!!!!! - Check out designs from teachers and students from IADT.
Creating Exciting And Unusual Visual Hierarchies

See what's new in Photoshop CS5:

See Adobe products make AVATAR:

FREE Graphic Design Life...

See Adobe Fotoshop funny:

I will be teaching out of this book in this class. I recommend this series of books.
You don't have to have the lastest version of this series, Adobe ads features to
each program per series but you can learn EVERYTHING from an older book! Then go
online to learn the latest new features.

Get it on for around $25:

Download: Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3, Lesson 4, Lesson 6, Lesson 7, Lesson 8, Vanishing Point

Examples: Movie Poster | DVD Covers | Mulitiplicty | Magazine | Logo | Websites

Projects: Checklist Examples Word Document image Due Date
1. Family Portrait N/A Download Download Week 2a
2. Color Comic N/A Download Download Week 3a
3. Multiplicty Piece - Darlene N/A N/A Download Week 3b
4. Multiplicty Piece examples Download N/A Week 4a
5. Magazine examples Download Download Week 4b
6. Dream McQueen N/A Download Download Week 5a
7. Artist Paper Download Download N/A Week 5a
8. Movie Poster examples Download Download Week 5b
Week 1a

Syllabus - Syllabus Agreement Form
- Can't get to class? Please email me that you can't come.
- No food, and put drinks on ground in a capped container
- Talk about in-class assignments and home work
- Have students upload lessons from CD onto computer
- Download lessons from CD
- Show students how to name a .psd document correctly and put in Teacher folder
- Get students familiar with program, tools, menus, etc.
- During break Have students go to the book store and get their book
- Talk about Buying USB Flash Drives
- being sarcastic is a way of lfe, lol. You have to have a touch skin to be an Artist/Designer.
- Class work Checklist

Chapter 1: Getting to know the work area
- Family Portrait (Due week 1b, Download image, Download instructions )
- Take Pictures for Multiplicity picture (examples, Directions)
- Start on ideas for Magazine (examples, Directions)
Homework 2: Artist Paper (Due week 4a, Download instructions)

Week 1b - Family Portrait Due
Chapter 2: Basic Photo Correction
Funny Retouch : 37 Professional Photoshoppers Who Should Be Fired Immediately

Week 2a
Chapter 3: Working With Selections
Homework: Darlene & Self Multiplicity picture (examples) (Due week 5, Download instructions)

Week 2b - Color Comic Due
Chapter 4: Layers
Homework: Color Comic (Due week 6, Download image, Download instructions)
Extra Credit: Murray & Terry (Download image, Deconstruct & Reconstruct the comic anyway you want! BE CREATIVE!!!)

Week 3a
Chapter 6: Masks & channels
“Refine Edge” for Improved Masking:
Homework: Library Assignment (Due week 8, Download instructions)
A paper is your own words. You can "quote" from certain places but need to cite them properly.
MLA format/template: MLA_Format_Template.docx
Video for formatting:
Video for citing:
Week 3b - Multiplicity Piece Due
Chapter 7: Magazine Layout / Typography
Kerning: would you like to play kerning?
Homework: Magazine (examples) (Due week 9, Download image, Download instructions)
make your photos soft during your shoot:

- The teacher can only guide you
- It is YOUR creativity, YOUR design
- If you do WORK it will lead to something :)

Week 4a - Artist Paper Due
Chapter 8: Vector art
- Dream McQueen (Download image, Download instructions
- Logo: (examples) (Due week 10, Download image, Download instructions)

Logos Gone Wrong!!!!!! but still look good...


Week 4b - Magazine Due
Movie Poster Tutorial: all lessons combined
work on projects.
Homework: Movie Poster (Movie Credit Font: Steeltongs) (Due week 10) inspirado...
Week 5a - Dream McQueen Due
- Actions: 25+ must-have Photoshop actions for your toolkit
- Animation
work on projects.

Week 5b - Movie Poster Due, & Final

School Email: for absent students for attendance
Final - instructions - PSD, GIF
Cool Inner Glow tricks:
Cool Bevel & Emboss tricks: