Digital Layout - Design250

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Choose the Creative Commons criteria at the bottom of the Advanced search screen. Students should be able to cite the source as a hyperlink to give credit. Class work for the next 10 weeks:
Digital Layout class does projects to learn the inDesign program.

I will be teaching out of this book in this class. I recommend this series of books.
You don't have to have the lastest version of this series, Adobe ads features to
each program per series but you can learn EVERYTHING from an older book! Then go
online to learn the latest new features.

Get it on for around $10:

Projects: Checklist Instructions Due Date
1. Magazine  (Front cover, inside, & Back cover) sample Download Week 4
2. Spread  (inside magazine, 2 pages that Flow together with Flowing text around person)
Download Week 6
3. Brochure - Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2 Download Week 8
4. Make a 3 page Website with navigation (with slide show on one page) - Tutorial 1 Download Week 9
5. Magazine  (Front cover, 2 spreads) Magazine Website / page curl - Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2 Download Week 9
6. Final Download Week 10

Creating an InDesign Portfolio for print, PDF, and the iPad (4 page increments for printing):


Calculate an estimate or an invoice:

Week 1  

Syllabus - Syllabus Agreement Form
- Can't get to class? Please email me that you can't come.
- No food, and put drinks on ground in a capped container
- Talk about in-class assignments and home work
- Have students upload lessons from CD onto computer
- Download lessons from CD
- Get students familiar with program, tools, menus, etc.
- During break Have students go to the book store and get their book
- being sarcastic is a way of lfe, lol. You have to have a touch skin to be an Artist/Designer.
- Class work Checklist

What does '0p0' mean?????
The first number is the PIca, and the seond number is the Point
- 12 points makes 1 pica
- 6 picas makes 1 inch

Chapter 1: Getting to know the work space in in Design
Chapter 2: Getting to know inDesign
Magazine Download instructions

Week 2   
Chapter 3: setting up a document and working with pages
Chapter 4: working with objects

What does 'Em' & 'En' mean?????

Magazine Download instructions

Magazine cover

Week 3  
Chapter 5: Flowing Text
Chapter 6: Editing Text

Magazine Download instructions

Text wrap around image

Text wrap around image

Week 4  - Magazine Due  
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8: Color

Spread - 2 page inside Magazine Download instructions

Week 5 -  Mid-Term  
Chapter 9: Styles
Chapter 10: Importing & modifying Graphics
- coming soon
Week 6 -  Spread Due  
Chapter 11:
Chapter 12: Transparency

- Brochure: Tutorial

Week 7   
Chapter 13:
Output & export
Chapter 14: Interactive Documents

- coming soon


Week 8   
- make a website with 3 pages connected together
- one page with a slide show of images
- export it as html to Dreamweaver


Make hyperlinks in a web design

Interactive Slide Show with InDesign

Export to HTML Dreamweaver

Week 9  
Magazine  (Front cover, 2 spreads)
Would be cool to export as Flash to make online magazine with page curl - Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2

Week 10 - Final

School Email: for absent students for attendance