Drawing & Design Introduction Class

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I will be teaching out of this book in this class.

Projects: Checklist Due Date
1. Self Portrait pt1  
2. Portrait of Igor Stravinsky, German Horse & Rider  
3. Draw a cube. Perspective work  
4. Draw hand  
5. Negative spaces Ram, chair, something else  
6. 1 point Perspective, hallway, part of your house  
7. Highlight & Shadow objects, and Gustave grided  
8. color the color wheel using only 6 colors  
9. Self Portrait pt2  
10. Project 1  
11. Project 2  

Self Portrait before and after




Blind Contour
This exercise should not make a woderful drawing of 'something'. This is an exercise i understansing what you are 'seeing' while drawing, the 'outcome' or 'final result' is not the artwork it's your own KNOWLEDGE of seeing.


Hand drawing


Negative spaces


One Point Perspective drawing


Two Point Perspective drawing

Highlight & Shadow objects


Highlight & Shadow objects with perspective

Mixing primary colors to get secondary colors

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