Getting Started

Domain Name

Do you have a website name? They are actually called Domain Names. Anyone can buy one. The thing you need to really know is that a domain name is not an actual website. It's just a name or better yet a number, like a mail box, and it doesn't have a home until you find a place to put your files, just like having a street number with no house. They cost around $12 a year. You can buy one at our store


After you get the website name you'll need hosting so you can house all your website files, such as your .html files (which make the web pages), pictures, PDF's, Word docs, videos, music. Hosting costs around $100 a year. If you are doing this all by yourself you can go to our store to set up hosting:

Getting Your Website Made

What do you want your site to look like? Surf the internet and see what you like. If you'd like us to make the website for you, send us the links to those sites that you want your site style to look like.

A. If your a Business, send me pictures of your business and staff, so I can make a mock up, and show you what it would look like. if you don’t have any pics, get a digital camera and do a lot of pics and send them to me.

B. If you're in a band, send me promo shots so I can make a mock up, and show you what it would look like. if you don’t have any pics, get a digital camera and do a lot of pics, individual and group shots, I find that the shots with all of the members of the band close together the best to work with.

When the site is 'LIVE' and done we can update the site for you, or we can tutor you to update the website yourself with the help of Dreamweaver.

Having Problems with your Web Guy?

We’ve heard it way too many times…. Your web guy has fled the country and you can’t get a hold of them and need your website updated. We can only help so much. First thing we need is you username & password to get into your server to help, if you don’t have the info there are alternatives . . . . . . . but not the greatest solutions. Hopefully you have the info to get into your domain name. Put the control in your hands.

Mobile Design:
Responsive Vs Adaptive

Responsive design means: the website will resize smaller or bigger like an accordion to the browser width be it a desktop browser or a mobile phone browser.

Adaptive design means: the website will resize smaller or bigger without the accordion action to the browser width be it a desktop browser or a mobile phone browser.

We do ‘Adaptive design’ because it’s easier for us to do. Both ways take the same amount of time, adaptive design means there needs to be 2 different websites made. Responsive design is very technical and uses more programming knowledge to get the website to shrink and snap back. We are a ‘design’ company invested in our clients getting leads from beautiful design and great content.


Your website LOOKS old. Your website needs a facelift. Your website needs SEO. Whatever your problem we can help :)


Need your website switched to new host. We do most websites. We'l need to look into your website first in order to see if we can do the job or not. Some website have database issues that may be too complicated to switch.

Normal Website Package

- Buying your domain name for you (unless you already have it)
- Buying your Hosting for the website files (unless you already have it)
- Mock up (to show you what it could look like)
- Interst Free Monthly Payment Plan
- Completion of site/uploaded
- Web Stats (watch who comes to your site, when and for how long)
- Organic SEO inserting Meta Tags, and keywords hyperlinks in the website for Search Engine Optimization
- Zipping all files for download and sending it to you for future use.

Webskinz does not endorse Flash sites, because there is no text for Search Engines to read, and iPhones don't use Flash.

In the web site business I like to say “You get what you pay for!”

Need a Logo?

Check out these logos we've designed for our clients.

Graphic Design

Before I was a web designer I was an artist. I’ve recently been making book covers and movie posters. It’s very far and in between work but I still do it. I’m about to start on my journey to get my Masters in Studio Art, so I plan on making more graphics very soon. Right now you can see a comic strip I have called Woodrow. I am in the process of ReDesigning the website right now to coincide with my Masters.

How much does a website cost AND how long will it take?

It’s a hard question to answer because ALL of our clients are different. Depending on how complicated the website is to take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months. We’ve been able to put up a site within 3 weeks with all the proper pieces in place (logo, design, content readily available from the client).

We run our sites from scratch anywhere from $600+ depending on what you need. The higher priced websites are usually due to programming database work. We also do 'Interest FREE Monthly Payments' if money is a problem. We will work with you.

We are a very dependable business that our clients can rely on. Check our Testimonials page and read for yourself what our clients say about us.

In order for us to give you a rough estimate on a website we would need to KNOW what needs to be done for your website. Do you need a logo? How many pages do you need? Do you need a form or just an email link? Click here to fill out form...

If you have any other questions Contact Us.

Organic SEO

What is Organic SEO? It is getting your website to the top of a Google search without paying for the ranking. We’ve been doing this for 10 years. W first put meta tags in the html code that tell the search engines what you site is about with a title, description, and keywords. Then we match up the meta tags with the verbiage in your website page and link the keywords to specific parts of your website. When we put your website live we also put your website on our website for our clients and future clients to see and click n to go to your site and send your rankings up.

BUT, once we’re done, it doesn’t stop there, you need to play an active part in making your website sky rocket to the top of the search by having your friends, relatives, and clients go the website and drive traffic to it. The more traffic the higher the ranking. We will help you understand more when the time comes.