Graphic Design 2 - Design260

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Projects: Checklist Instructions Due Date
1. Scavenger Hunt for 7 Principles of Design  Download Week 1b
2. Design 7 images using only 2 images using the '7 Principles of Design' Download Week 2a
3. Postage Stamp with Promotional Poster  examples
Stamp Poster with stamp on poster with date, location of celebration, and USPS Logo
Download Week 2b
4. Magazine cover & 2 spreads on Paper on an influential Artist Download Week 3a
5. Mid Term - CD Download Week 3b
6. Book Jacket (for hardcover book) Download Week 4a
7. TOMS One for One program (Poster, Magazine Ad, Website 'Design', Tshirt) Download Week 5b

Week 1a   Syllabus
Read Forward & intro
A brief examination of company identity and branding:  some history takes us from Greek city-state symbolism ( Greek letter 'L' on battle shields = L is for Laconia, the part of Greece the Spartans are from) to the advent of the modern symbol / brand logo with the Bass Ale triangle in the 1800’s.  This symbolic communication extends into the progress of modern advertising from the painted business shingle all the way to the new media frontiers on the Internet.

Project #1: 3 of Your own Advertising Agency LOGO
You may think of each logo being for a different audience (young, old, etc..)
Read pages 88-133
What is a Logo?
- Select a company involved in an industry of interest to you.  Consult the Net for information, history and images of the company and its products and services.  We'll talk individually about your chosen subject.
- Each student will create his /her own Ad Agency Identity complete with Company Name in Logotype, Company Logo, and Corporate identity documents such as stationery, business card design, etc.  
- This ad agency logo will be used on all work submitted during the campaign.

  1. A single piece of type that prints a word or group of separate letters.
  2. A single piece of type that prints a logo or emblem.

- The teacher can only guide you
- It is YOUR creativity, YOUR design
- If you do WORK it will lead to something :)

4 essential rules of effective logo design


Logos Gone Wrong!!!!!! but still look good...



Spot Color Vs. Full Color

Week 1b   
inclass assignment: 7 Design & 7 Designs with text usig the principles of design DOWNLOAD instructions
click on example to see enlarged:

Week 2a   
Once your ad agency identity is established,  select a client in a specific industry 
- hopefully an industry / client / product line that the student is already involved in through use of the client’s brand.  
- Using the existing company / brand /product line as a model,  the student will then create a NEW company’s corporate identity, brand scope, product line and promotional collateral.

Read pages 68-87
Project #2: Commemorative Stamp & Poster

click on examples to see enlarged:        

Rule Of Thirds
to effectively use an image, divide it into nine equal parts. The lines formed by this division should offer a clear definition of the most important aspects of the piece, creating a visually exciting image. In the example below, the horizon in the right photograph lines up with the lower segment, while the rock formation, now off to the side, creates an interesting parallel to the wide expanse of sky. It’s off-balance, as opposed to the symmetrical photograph on the left, which makes it more interesting, giving your brain more to study.

Week 2b    Mid-Term  
Project #5: A speed project, design 1 CD album jacket (Cover, Back, & CD)
Download CD Templates
Examples below: Be aware of the Design Principles when creating. *Hint: use one piece of artwork for all 3 pieces, make it look different by cropping.

click on examples to see enlarged:        

Week 3a  

Project: Book Jacket (for hardcover book)
DOWNLOAD instructions
Take your favorite book and make a jacket for it. Design must relate to books story. Design reads from left to right: author bio, back cover, title on side, front cover, then what book is about.

Week 3b

Project: Research a Designer, write his/her Biography and show their artwork as a magazine cover and 2 spreads

click on examples to see enlarged:    

Week 4a

Project: TOMS One & One program
Poster, Magazine ad, Website design, Tshirt DOWNLOAD instructions.

click on examples to see enlarged:        

- 3 Logos + a Business Card, Letterhead, No. 10 Envelope for each
Download Template
With your corporate models logos create a new company identity based upon that model
Not just Logos, but VISUAL IDENTITIES...

Typographic logos: 34 eye-catching examples:

40 Brilliant Type-Only Logo Designs:

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