GRAPH320 - History and Theory of Graphic Design

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Megg's History of Graphic DesignMegg's History of Graphic Design

A book that journeys through the history of why humans needed graphics to survive and thrive.

This class: Is an exploration into the use of the graphic design through the eyes of historic leaders of design. Story ideas, research and visual execution are addressed. Students will create 3 projects that harken back to the past.

1. Project #1: Hieroglyph Pictograph Poster  
2 Project #2: Capital Letter paragraph page design  
3. Project #3: Propaganda Poster  
4. Project #4: Whole Term Research Questions  

Whole Term Research Questions

Download: Questions

Hieroglyph Pictograph Poster
Paleolithic era used symbols and pictures to record history and show instruction for ceremonies. Make a design that reflects Hieroglyph Pictography.

Student work


Capital Letter paragraph page design
As a salute to the bygone era of classic page and book design, make a one page design with one Capital letter and a paragrph of text.

Student work

Sketches and final piece



Propaganda Poster
The 20th Century saw graphics design go from an art form to a commercial media. Graphic Design proposed and effected public opinion, political rhetoric, and all aspects of societal interaction. The poster in the 20th Century was not just art but message; a cause explained to the public. This last project is just that; I would like you to explain a Cause to the public. Pick a social or political topic close to your heart:
terrorism, rights and freedoms, veteran affairs, ageism, racism, police brutality -whatever has meaning to you and yours.

Create a poster explaining your cause and demanding reaction: volunteerism, support, contribution, answers.

  1. grab and hold attention by design
  2. inform and engage a selected audience
  3. affirm values or shock senses
  4. demand action
  5. 18" x 24" poster format, color or b & w with halftones.
  6. 300 Dpi for print

Student work


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