Interaction Design Class - Design400

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Projects Due Date
1. 3 Website evaluations ('Don't Make Me Think' book) Week 1
2. Mind Mapping Project Week 1
3. Persona Project Week 1, 2
5. Wireframes & Prototype design of APP pages Week 2, 3
6. Icon for APP (sketches, mockups) Week 4
7. Website to explain APP Week 4, 5
8. Final Presentation Packet Printed Week 4, 5
Week 1a

Syllabus Agreement Form

Watch Movie
Book : Download PDF
- Think about the App you want to make (Problems in the world? Make a Solution!)

Most Popular Apps As of May 2014

Most popular FREE Apps:
Popular Apps:
Best Google Play AppS:

- Think about the App you want to make (Problems in the world? Make a Solution!)

Mind Map of your APP
What does it consist of?
Do people need it?
Is there an incentive?
How will it be funded t make and stay alive?
Mind Map of an APP

Personas: here is a easy way to make a form to ask people questions to fill out:

                   Design Brief (Redesign Project)
What are your ideas?
What are your problems?
What are your solutions?
- Start doing research about the App you want to make
- Redesign a Product

A really good APP story:
Designing an App
Matthew Pummel talks about making Apps "iPhone vs Android"
This website shows how to use the Tinder App:
Watch funny clips about a popular App
What size is the screen to make the design??????

- Persona
- Redesign a Product
- icons for your App

Sketch Template


Proposal Template, Wire Frame, Sketches, Work on Prototype
- Work on Proposal, Wire Frame, Sketches
- App pages




Work on Prototype

Standard icons for Apps

Standard icons for Apps


You tube tutorials for Codiqa:

ONLY for the serious!!! Adobe Gap Builder

- sketches, and many variations to get your icon just right! :)
- Information & video about Logos:

Final Presentation Packet Due
- Make website front for App to describe App and it's functions

Build your app for realz: for attendance
Final - instructions - PSD, GIF