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- Can't get to class? Please email me that you can't come.
- No food, and put drinks on ground in a capped container
- Talk about Home work & Final Project
- During break Have students go to the book store and get their book
- being sarcastic is a way of lfe, lol.
- Class work Checklist

Projects: Checklist    
week 1 Chp 1 - JetBlue week 6 Chp 7, 8 - Soroptomist International, & Home Depot
week 2 Chp 2 - Kryptonite, & Dell week 7 Chp 15, 9 - XYZ Coffee, & Nikon
week 3 Chp 3 - Lego week 8 Chp 10, 11, 12 - Anvil, & TurboTax, & Business Pioneers
week 4 Chp 4 - British Petroleum week 9 Chp 13, 14 - Conan, & SAS
week 5 Chp 5, 6 - Huffington Post, & Inspired Marketing LLC week 10 Social Media Marketing Plan Facebook sample
Great Resources!!!    
Higher Visibility: Written by an Internet marketing company based in Memphis, Tenn., you can’t get much more credible of a source than this. They have a way of explaining simple to complex SEO concepts in a way that’s easy to understand.

Search Engine Optimization Journal: The title comes straight to the point. This blog is a collection of entries from Nick Stamoulis of Brick Marketing, a long-time SEO expert, and can be counted on to educate you on everything from content promotion to infographic production.

Search Engine Journal: A curiously similar title, this is a PR 6 site that strives to condense SEO information. They’ve broken the montage of information into categories to help you wade through it all.

SEOMoz: This is by far one of the most authoritative sites in the SEO world. The articles are always incredibly detailed with step-by-step instructions and screenshots that help make sure you understand any and all aspects of SEO.

Search Engine Land: They have a partnership with Google that makes them the primary source for any changes from the search engine company. By speaking directly with Google, this blog always has the most up-to-date information as soon as it’s available.

  Search Engine Watch: This blog is a PR 7 site, and that should be enough said. They feature top-quality information on a website that is very simple to navigate. SEO Book: Managed by SEO expert Aaron Wall, this blog provides many helpful tutorials and screenshots.

Delicious: is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks

7 Best Viral Marketing Campaigns in Movie History:

Movie: Greatest movie ever sold

Movie: Justin Bieber - Never Say Never: Read more

Movie: The Corporation:

Movie: Art & Copy:

Movie: Thank You For Smoking:

Movie: Our Brand is Crisis:

Movie: Branded:

Movie: The Century of the Self:

more movies:

Week 1
Chapter 1
Homework: JetBlue Case Study

Week 2
Chapter 2
Homework: Kryptonite, & Dell

Week 3
Chapter 3
Homework: Lego

Week 4
Chapter 4
Homework: British Petroleum

Week 5
Chapter 5, 6
Homework: Huffington Post, & Inspired Marketing LLC

Week 6
Chapter 7, 8
Start on Final Project:
Homework: Soroptomist International, & Home Depot

Week 7 - Midterm
Chapter 15, 9
- Beyonce gets ugly!
Homework: XYZ Coffee, & Nikon

Week 8
Chapter 10, 11, 12
Homework: Anvil, & TurboTax, & Business Pioneers

Week 9
Chapter 13, 14
Homework: Business Pioneers, & Conan, & SAS

Week 10 - Final Test
Chapter Appendix - XYZ Coffee Company Social Media Marketing Plan

School Email: for attendance