(This idea of posting a NOW page came from the brilliant Derek Sivers)

I'm teaching online web design 1 & 2, and web effects 2 for Seminole State College.

Daytona UCF has contacted me to teach a Narrative Photography course that I'm so pysched about!

Applied to Full Sail as a web design teacher and waiting on that front.

Making my past web clients websites mobile freindly.

Also slowly learning how to implement initial APP structures and such with Xcode.


I'm still dating a wonderful woman I met on in May 2015.

Working on a instructional book. In a way I was inspired by my new girlfriend to write this book. I started jotting down notes to remind myself what I need to do to keep a woman and it started to write itself. It's being edited right now. Hoping to have the book out by the begining of the year.

United Forces

I had a few months to kill with time off from working so I decided to work on my comic book and music.

50 Foot Wheelie

The bassist of my first band asked me to sing on his music. 6 songs. I'm actually really stoked because these songs are really fun.

I'm currently working on the CD cover and layout.