Typography - Design150

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Projects: Checklist Instructions Due Date
1. Group AND Individual Photograph typography (spelling the word TYPOGRAPHY) Download Week 1b
2. Type Boxes (3 letters configured as design) Download Week 2a
3. Typography Anatomy Poster Download Week 2b
4. Typograghy Emotion (using one word, show 3 different moods. You can tamper with the font ;) Download Week 3a
5. HELVETICA Paper (watch the movie Helvetica and write about how you like or don't like the type) Download Week 3b
6. Concept Typography Poster (using a poem, statement, or speeach from a famous perons, make an artistic image/layout from that writing, then write over artwork with the type of the writing) Download Week 4a
7. Event Poster () Download Week 5b

Week 1a   Syllabus
Read book
Project: Scavenger Hunt, take photos in a group of at least 2 or 3 people and combine your awesomeness to write AND design the word 'Typography' with scenery photographed from aound the school. You need team work! Image needs to be legal paper size : 8.5"x11" @ 300 DPI
Due next class

click on examples to see enlarged:        

Week 1b   

Type Boxes: examples:
- ErickGuzman_box_type.pdf
- GeraldoMartell_box_type.zip
- KareemSpaulding_box_type.zip

Type Boxes - Export PDF from Multiple Artboards

Week 2a   

Anatony of Typography

click on examples to see enlarged:        

Typography Anatomy Poster - cut a font, take part of a font away

Week 2b   

Mess with a font

Editing Letters

Manipulate Text

Week 3a  

Typograghy Emotion examples

click on examples to see enlarged:        


adding to text

Make your own font

Week 3b

Concept as Type

typography as image examples

typography as poster examples

click on examples to see enlarged:        

Week 4a

35th Environmental Conference: Magazine cover or Poster


click on examples to see enlarged:            

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