Woodrow is a comic strip I started when I was going to the School of Visual Arts in NYC. It was then called Murray's Friend. I was being sarcastic. Murray is the Monkey, and one of the characters in the strip which you NEVER see again (or even see in the one strip he's in, only a silhouette), hits Murray with his 18 wheeler and this is where Murray’s eye pops out and he goes to the hospital, hence the "X" for an eye. Evan, the lead character, feels sorry for the monkey and takes care of him at the hospital, or does he? While in the hospital a character asks Evan why he calls him Murray's Friend, he

Woodrow's Strip of the Day

explains to that character that Murray was the person who ran over the monkey. Over the years I just called the monkey Murray, I know its f'd up, but this is just a comic people. After I moved to Florida and joined the metal band DNS, I asked a magazine if I could do some CD reviews for their magazine and they said yes. They saw I was an artist and asked if I had any kind of comic strip to put in their publication. I showed them Murray's Friend, and they loved it. I went back to the drawing board and found that I was drawing differently, so I would need to draw the first strips over again (what a pain in the arse). Instead of doing that I just started from the last strip I did with my new style, BUT this time I wanted it to be more me. So I took the glasses off Evan, let his hair down, brought in more characters, made different word balloons, and Renamed it Woodrow. If you look closely Evan is always wearing a different Band T-Shirt in each strip (its the little things in life, right?). What does Woodrow mean? You'll have to read the strip to find out.

...Evan takes the monkey "Murray" back to his house and they become friends. During the next few strips you see the other characters. I haven't drawn some of them into the strip yet, I have a lot of the story scripted out, but I haven't drawn it yet. I will also be making new characters; I don't even know who they will be yet. I think making a comic book or comic strip is just like life. You may interact with the same people a lot, BUT you always make new friends, and this strip will have new characters eventually.

Cast of Character:
Evan (lead character)
Murray (Monkey/the other lead character)
Terry (nephew)
Nicole (the girlfriend)
Tyle (the best friend)
Uncle Charley (not really an uncle, he’s a neighbor)
Gary (The Gopher)
Phil (the mentor)

other characters to come...

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